About Me

I am a charming, appealing and well-maintained mature lady, highly versed in the arts of Tantric sensuality inviting you for a sensuous respite that will be sure to marvel you until your heart and palate delight!~  Well diversified..bohemian in nature..with femininity and finesse.. I am genuine, intuitive, down to earth, playful and congenially spiriited!~  I have experience and professional training in various teachings of Tantra, goddess sensual dance, psychology, naturopathy, spirituality and a natural orientation in shamanism. I am a Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner.   (I am also a Mommy to a ShamaniCat!)  The massage you will receive is a magical melange of sensuous delicacies, feathery strokes to firmer techniques and various bio-energetic modalities. Our bodies will be entwined together into a mystical style! Ying-yang harmonizing arts are integrated into the session and you will be indulged by my exquisite touch, maneuvers and “masteries”.   The intention is to delve deeper into presence and embodiment, take away the goal to achieve and prolonging the sexual energy. Deep breathing is encouraged to expand the sensations and awaken the life force!  Massage is performed on a shiatsu futon or massage table with an a earthy-zen ambience with light exotic music playing surrounded with filtered lights, pillows and candles.. I first greet you wearing a sarong or a dress. During the massage I am unattired..  Longer sessions are encouraged as it allows calmness, trust, chemistry and altered state to develop naturally and to reach a certain depth. Pure bliss and a true Tantra experience requires time to be embraced and savored…and should not be rush. 

Come Feel the Love and Magic with Me!




Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian with a touch of Native
Hair: Mid lenght Mix Dark Blonde&Brown
Age: 50+
Measurements: hips 35 waist 27 bra 34C
Shoe size: 6.5
Personality: Sweet Deep Quirky (in a good way) Boho and sometimes silly sexy
Hobbies: Working out, yoga, nature, shamanic meditations, audiobooks, photography, dancing and being a Cat Mommy.


Mature Courtesan
Tantric Massage & Bliss Knowledge

My services


Tantric Massage:




Add: $70 for Montreal sessions as I travel one hour away and have to book a place (min 72hrs advance booking)

Additional $70 for Dark Tantra massage (foot fetish, sensory play, pegging, fantasies (at my discretion only if I feel a deeper connection can be formed) nothing hard core. I am not a mistress nor have a dungeon. I just enjoy to play time to time ;-)

Courtesan session (with or without tantric massage):


3hrs/1200 (min. 72 hours notice).

Fantasies may be welcomed but I need to know prior to meeting.

Courtesan session in Laurentians:



Social time only & Phone Counselling: each hour $100  

**Please be specific when contacting me with *date, *time, *session *location desired and a* brief description and if you have had previous tantric exploration or anything else that may help me to prepare before we meet for our session. Advanced bookings are always preferred and appreciated. 
For the time being I am not available on the same day but it may be possible in the future. Mostly in the Laurentians where I now reside -
All donations are strictly for my cosmic Tantra healing art, knowledge, time and appreciation only.
Please note I am very particular about all intimate hygiene. I make sure I am squeaky clean and fresh(and minty breath) when I meet you and I expect the same. Any unpleasant odor may result in a shorter session and more limiting services.
Hence be meticulously clean and smell fresh. I dont enjoy heavy perfume.
Please no reviews. I am very private about my sessions and expect the same respect.
Privacy, Discretion and Confidentiality is fully assured.

Some details

If the level of kindness, awareness and maturity for such a union and sharing a connection is not something you feel you can relate to, therefore I’m not the type of encounter you are looking for.

I also retain the rights to refuse or cancel an appointment or discontinue any communication and retain a deposit if I feel the level of trust and comfort may be compromised. 

I lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer to cater to fewer selective clientele so that I can maintain this balance while I continue to enhance my Tantra practice, studies sanctuary and self care as well to invest in my wardrobe and embellishment! I take great care in preparing for a session and my offerings are of exquisite value.

I also had a great honour to attend a number of workshops in the last few years which has enhanced my repertoire of knowledge, arts and wonders!

I have been formally practising Tantra and sacred sexuality for over 7 years but I am innately gifted since very young. I also grew up in the very north country…and the greatest part of my childhood to my late teens was spent with mystics and in the deep wild forest which most would never see…I always had a wild soulful earthy side and a raw imagination and was very playful in an unusual ways. I always was drawn to energies sensuality and sexuality!

My roots, life lessons and experiences have brought me back to the path where I first belong..reconnecting to my innate sexuality and spirit, the cosmos, the source of life and the She-Wolf!

I am hosting in an upscale condo in Montreal that I book for my sessions or at hotel establishments that is convenient and accommodating.

In the Laurentians I will either receive at my earthy zen sanctuary or reserve a hotel accordingly.

It is my delight to hear from you!

Light Love and Pure Pleasure

Cathryn Marvelle

Ecstasy Is our Birthright! Let’s Celebrate in Peace Pleasure in Connectedness and in Flow!~~

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Email: catmarvelle@yahoo.com
Phone: 579-300-3336